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Spunt Biker Shorts

Spunt Biker Shorts

Experience the essence of artistry and athleticism with our Spunt Shorts. These shorts embody the whimsical, messy beauty of women, just like our beloved Bitter Darlings. Designed for comfort and performance, their flexible spandex material adapts perfectly to your movements, making them ideal for intense workouts, serene yoga sessions or a bike ride. Embrace your perfectly imperfect state in shorts that celebrate both function and flair. Elevate your activewear with a piece that resonates with the spirit of Bitter Darlings.

  • 82% polyester, 18% spandex
  • Double-layered waistband with a pocket in the back for a phone and keys
  • High-waisted fit
  • Butt-lifting cut
  • Flattering length that looks good on all body types

Please note: contact with rough surfaces should be avoided since that can pull out the white fibers in the fabric, damaging the shorts.

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